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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Apr 30, 2020

Everyone Sheevaun here driving for your success, and one of my recent to conversations with you was about miracle hunting and there's this really important thing about miracle hunting. You can hunt for miracles all day long. You can hunt for miracles, get them, et Cetera, but if you want repeatable miracles, you are going to have to avoid this in your emotions. So this is high highs and low lows Dwama I call Dwama. So the more the more dwama you have, the further away the miracle, and there's this really amazing thing that happens is as soon as you start to gone the Dwama and clean that up a those miracles start to come and multiply and just calm down themselves. So I would suggest that you look at your life and how you have designed it because you've designed it, how you've designed it to create drama, to engage in Duarte or they need. 

And we've often been so conditioned by family, friends, circumstances, jobs, choices, et cetera. That is the only way we can connect. And the fascinating thing is the higher you go in dealing with clarity and simplicity and ease, the more the opportunities come to you without you having to go and seek them out. Where's your dwama? Clean up the dwama. Go and check out the cutting the cords video. And if you're listening to this in any other way, there is a way to cut the cords and it's not just with your mind because every time you cut the cords with your mind or minds aren't that sharp. And so we need the actual physical technology. Hey, this is Sheevaun Moran, and if you're watching this anywhere or listening to this anywhere other than on our website, then you need to go and check us out at, or subscribe to the youtube channel or check us out. Check those six free videos out and free And those six free videos, they're gonna. Give you six keys to get out of. Alright, have an awesome day. Talk to you soon. And maybe drama free.




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