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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Mar 26, 2020

Hey everyone Sheevaun here and the driving for your success idea came about through a conversation I had with a client the other night and they were telling me how much they didn't feel like it. He just really weren't feeling it. And that is so true about so many things in life. We just don't feel like it. And the fascinating thing about success and prosperity is that it has nothing to do with feelings.You know, as we get into more of a heart centered age and we really activate and then get into community and collaboration, co-creation, there's a lot of talk, there's a lot of use of the phrase, I don't feel like it and I want to help you out of that. Your feelings are important. They're very important. However, they don't apply to activity. An activity is not a feeling thing. 


It's a doing thing. And so we wanted to think of the feeling over here and the activity over here and feelings are okay, but the activity has to occur in order for the feelings to change. The activity has to occur in order for the feelings to change. I have heard this over the course of the years and I remember this one time and one of our group programs, the girl says, I don't feel like making calls. I don't feel like making sales conversations. I'm just not feeling it. And I said, listen, do me a favor. Promise me that you're going to do 10. You're just going to reach out to 10 people and are you're going to do is be of service. You're going to be in gratitude and of service, and you're not going to make it about you. You're going to make it about them. 


And sure enough, sure enough, she ended up with three clients out of those 10. So if you're not feeling like it, it's because you're making it about you and something that's going on in your beliefs or your emotions, your emotions will actually change. As soon as you take an action, your emotions will change as soon as you take an action. Hey, that's your thought for the day. My name Sheevaun Moran, driving for your success and how to reach me or reach out to us at author  A U T H O R at S H E E V A U N M O R A and if you really, really want to get out of this, not feeling like a thing, go to and it's going to take you through seven exercises that are going to help you unlock, unwind, and really get back into what you're here to do. See you soon.



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