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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Mar 12, 2020

Hey everyone, Sheevaun, you're driving for your success. Today's topic is about manifesting faster. One of the things that we always want is how to achieve the result faster. I always call it magical thinking that we should automatically pop it into our hands, the idea and poof, it will show up and then goodness for magic and miracles and you know, the concept of magical thinking. Because if we didn't have magical thinking, we wouldn't have a lot of hope, but there's something that happens when we're in the process of manifesting something, meaning going after something that we want to achieve in order to get a result. We start good intentions, we're moving ahead really rocking this time we've crawled out of the hole and next thing you know is something knocks us upside the head. Some accident, we get sick,  something had happened. 

We have to take care of that first. The fascinating thing about this, this getting what you want and manifesting faster is one super important thing that everyone does on this journey. Everyone. It's like, so say you want, I don't know, an income of $10,000 or more a month and you're working on it and it's starting to happen, and then you make a commitment to something that's bigger and then stuff happens and then you kicked back and you chill out and you're like, eh, maybe I don't really want that after all. Maybe I'm really just fooling myself, maybe.. you know, who am I to go after that, you know, am I that special to really get that and help those people? And all of this stuff starts to happen.  The really fascinating thing about this path, and I've done this little drawing over here, we talk about it and one of my challenges and one of my challenges, it's a seven day challenge. 

The fascinating thing is I teach you how to manifest faster, and get out of that one thing. Get out of that one thing that is stopping you in every step of the journey and really stay on that path. Even though it's going to go like this, it's okay. I teach you how to get out of the doubt and the worry and the fear and the anxiety and the tension and the stress, and to really create manifest faster. So if you want to manifest faster, you have to hold onto that one idea that you want that $10,000 or more a month with all of your thought power, with all of your intention, with all of your attention, regardless of doubt. Because the truth of the matter is you have the ability to have that because you desire it when you desire something, energy universe creation is trying to match up your desire with that reality. 

 That doubt thing is like flat tire after flat tire after flat tire. And I remember when we were in India one time and our driver kept saying, miss, miss, I have doubt about directions. I'd say, Mohammad, no doubt. And we ended up going on a two week trip that everyone said was totally impossible. Later on they found out what all of the things that we did and saw and it's because I cleaned up doubt out of every conversation, every circumstance. So one of the ways I do that is we do it through our challenge at and you're going to get access to our seven day challenge. My name is Sheevaun Moran. For more information about me and all the other cool stuff that I do, go to S H E E V A U N M O R A And so appreciate you sharing, liking, commenting, anything that you feel inspired to do. It is really going to help you get that next result or reward and really make the difference in the dent that you here to make. See you soon.



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