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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Apr 25, 2019

Everyone Sheevaun here Driving for Your Success and today's topic is about how going with the flow is actually preventing you from having real flow. So I bet you never really thought about it. I mean we say, oh, just go with the flow. We say, just use flow state. Get into flow state, and the fascinating thing about flow is, think about it like this. Do you really want flow? Your muscles atrophy when you go with the flow because you're not having to swim or like if you think of this is a river, right? You're going down the river at some point in time you ended up in a place of stagnation and so going with the flow can actually lead you to stagnation. I'm not telling you to go work harder. I'm not telling you to make this difficult and problematic because flow is important. 

True flow is important. However, you do need resistance in order to have true flow. 

Nobody talks about this! Nobody really, really dives into this aspect of needing that point of friction and the point of where you’re in your best mode, best moment, best zone and best energy, right? So flow state is really achieved when there is friction, when there is a bit of conflict, and then there is an equal and opposite ease and grace. So that's one of the reasons we have meditate to Heal Your Body Heal the World. That's one of the reasons that it's really good to put yourself in circumstances where you are stepping outside of your normal routine, your normal regiment. Otherwise you end up in flow state and statistics have proven that if you do not do something to get your system in shape, your cells start to die. They look to really die. 

They look to stop folding and doing their thing that they need to do in order to create longevity. So resistance is good. Hard resistance, you know, maybe you're going to be too bulked up and you know the muscles are going to be out of alignment, but resistance, just enough resistance is good. If you're looking to make things harder and create drama, that is going to prevent true flow, so when you do some light resistance, this is why isometrics really works well and yoga works very well because you're doing something that is in a flow and it creates an opportunity for the body, the brain, and the energy to get into more harmony and ease. So this is Sheevaun Moran, Driving for Your Success. If you're watching this and you find this interesting and you know somebody who could benefit from this, be their hero, be there she-ro and share it. Thank you and also subscribed. Subscribe below and you know, keep watching, keep listening and we'll see you soon.


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