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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Dec 17, 2020

Hey everyone! Sheevaun here. And today's topic is so important. It applies to our habits of procrastination and waiting till the last minute. I know I've done it. I have learned my lesson the hard way, the expensive way, the painful way of waiting to the last minute. So you know, you get an inspiration, you get an intuitive hit to do something. And then in California it's kind of typical because people will be, “Oh yeah, that's good. I’m going to go to do that.” And then they'll look for something better this or something better. And the challenge with that is you actually stay in this place of indecision. Indecision is toxic. It is the most toxic thing that is going to prevent you from having an entrepreneurial success trend that goes upward. Maybe you're an entrepreneur. Maybe, you're a start up. Maybe you're just somebody who wants to get your head on straight and really make a difference in the world. 


But regardless of where you're at, whatever you're doing requires decision.It requires not procrastinating. It requires not waiting ’til the last minute. It's expensive energetically to wait until the last minute. It's expensive financially. It's expensive in our body because our fight or flight system is, goes on high alert when we wait until the last minute and we have really bad habits of waiting until the last minute deadlines…deadlines, taxes, a health thing. And we wait and we wait…. you know, it gets really problematic. We're given all of these warnings, just like in your car. We're given a warning that there's something going on. I remember when I first got my car, my first car and I came back from college and I parked it. It wouldn't go anymore. I ended up getting a ride home to my parents' house. 


Unfortunately, it was downtown in my little town and I then got a ride home or walked something and, they went to go pick it up and they went to go check it out. My dad wanted to go check it out. I had waited to the last minute of the last drop of oil. Everybody was so frustrated with me that I could have blown my car up because they didn't fill the oil up. We wait and we wait and we wait and we wait….and we procrastinate and we hold back our good. We hold back our opportunities. We're saying, Oh, it'll be less expensive later. It never is us expensive later. It costs us more time, energy and headaches. Wait and wait… I do a conference once a year and it is hilarious to me how many people wait till the last minute. 


It's hilarious. People will text me,” I'm coming, I'm coming”. And then, and then they won't have made the full decision to commit and then they'll back out with something, some little thing. Oh, this other thing came up. Something happened, this or that. And anything will get in the way in order to prevent you from having that true, true success in your terms. Where are you waiting for the last minute? Where are you procrastinating until the last minute? Where are you holding off on making decisions that you need to just darn write down? Well, make today. My name is Sheevaun Moran. You can find me at, check out our or if you want a toolkit to just get started, go to .


Hey, have an awesome! on purpose! and very decided day! 

See you soon!



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