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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Oct 17, 2019

Hey Everyone! Sheevaun here Driving for your Success. And today's topic is about the lower emotions and transforming them up. Because unless we transform our lower emotions up, they will eat us out and they will create a lot of what I call poopy head. And those lower emotions that we have to transform up…. jealousy, rage, anger, fear, resentment, comparison, things that are anger, etc. And generally it's because we think we're not getting something. We think that we've been slighted something and we think that somebody else needs to do something a particular way. And when we have these lower emotions, we get into all of the “shoulda’s”. ‘They should have done this.’ ‘They should've said this.’ ‘They should be like this’. 

And the truth of the matter is, the only way to really prosper and thrive is to bring those lower emotions to your heart. 

‘Cause if you're in your head with the “shoulda”, “coulda” or “woulda”. Your heart can't hear a thing, your soul heart can't hear a thing and they really cannot transform and transmute those conversations. Those conversations is the most calm, important conversations that you need to transform and transmute.If you find yourself in comparison and judgment in coulda, woulda, shoulda have somebody should at or gossiping about somebody, all of those lower emotions and really touch your left hand to your heart center. Smile. Even if it's a fake smile, smile.. cause oh my gosh, that is a big thing. And just say, I'm going to think from my heart, I'm gonna think from my heart for a minute and see what I can shift. Does that make sense? So I'm driving for your success. I'm thinking about you based upon a conversation that I had with somebody who said that they been upset with me for a couple of years and never said a word. 

And they were upset because they felt I should have done something specifically, which was such a minute thing, like move aside at a particular time. Kind of interesting how a catalyst. 

I’m a catalyst for people to really shift into something bigger and greater. And yet they'll hold on to that for a very long time. I call it the ‘prison of thought’. Get out of the prison of thoughts, transform it with catch, touching your heart. If you need to touch your crown to really get things connected. That's energy connection. 


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