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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

May 9, 2019

Hi Sheevaun, here, and I'm driving for your success. This is about power, and influence, and relationships, and authenticity, and really giving permission. I was recently facilitating a small meeting of about 12 very powerful men, and one other powerful woman, and I was given a certain amount of time to get them to communicate the message. Two of the gentlemen really got into it and really wanted to know more about the deeper processes, and that wasn't the mission of our meeting. When I brought it back around, I said, "Well, gentlemen, we really need to bring it to the next person in line so everyone has a turn." What I heard from the guys, two of the guys, was, "Meow," and that 'B' word under their breath. I thought, "Wow, you know, we haven't come far enough to really acknowledge power regardless of gender."

When we start acknowledging power and respecting power in another, and respecting the person who is the facilitator, we're not going to get as far as we want. Really, beware of your energy. Beware of what's coming out of your mouth, and really give a lot of honor and respect to the other folks in the room, regardless of their level of power, and you're going to achieve more, and do more in a shorter amount of time. The culmination of that meeting was, actually, astounding. Fortunately, we dealt with that issue, and turned it into something really amazing and powerful. However, if we didn't have to do that in the beginning, and didn't have to circle around to that, then we actually could've been in a more productive meeting. Food for thought.

This is Sheevaun driving for your success. Hope you have an awesome day. Make sure you go to, and make sure you subscribe our channel below, and even our newsletter. Okay, chat with you soon.


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