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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Jul 27, 2017

Become Unstuck from the Negative Energy Surrounding You!

Here you will find the intentional measurement of somebody else's energy and how far it can travel. Join us and learn more about the pineal gland, uncover more things about this world, and find ways you can work with energy no matter how far the distance! To learn more click the link below...

Hi Sheevaun here and I'm driving for your success.

I just spent a day with a bunch of scientists, some heavy stuff, got to say. There are a couple of the high points that I want to share with you. One is about multi-tasking. We know that we're not supposed to multi-task. I know, I'm driving and giving you this video to you. This Chinese scientist provided data that says we use less resources, less brain resources and less overall oxygen when we are focused on one single task. There is the proof for multi-tasking no more. I'm still going to provide you a video.

The next thing that I want to share with you is, how there are now studies from that corroborate from Russia and from here in the United States, from a scientist from Princeton ,in a book about this big, that you can intentionally measure the energy of somebody and work with the energy of somebody from 5ft to 5,000 miles. So there you have it. Some of the work that I do with businesses and CEO's and entrepreneurs and leaders to get them unstuck.

Then the last one that I want to talk about is this being revelation from just a general practitioner, who have proven that the pineal gland has a lot more going on for it than we even have a concept of. What I'll do is, I'll just a link in the description below and you can access some of his data. Wow it's very profound and there's so much to do here on the planet to uncover.

Until next time. Make sure you sign up for our Enews at Our event is coming up and all the goodies that we give in our other driving for your success.

Have an awesome day, see you soon.


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