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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Jul 20, 2017

Hi Sheevaun here and I'm again driving for your success.

I have a quick couple of lessons that I want to give today. I'm going to give them to you in three parts.

This first part came about as I was having a meeting with a client the other day. He had mentioned how he had gotten so much help and so much support and his life has really turned around from the work that we've done together. He was going to hire 2 other folks to work with them in order to take his business to the next level. Now my questioning mind said, well why would you hire people where you haven't got the support yet and you haven't gotten the proven records and you're going to hire them rather than where you've gotten the support. This is upside down thinking. The challenge that we get into as business owners is thinking that someone outside of who already is helping us and helped us get to a particular place is going to give us that magic answer. We're looking for magic and we're going to get convinced into it and then we end up in an upside down monitory situation. I've seen this thousands of times and the reason I'm teaching about this right now is because it seems to be more prevalent than in the past few years.

There are a lot of upside down beliefs that really need to be right side up. A right side up belief is, let's say you go to a particular church and you're going to tie, do you tie it to the church that you go to? Where you get the support and the encouragement and the comradely and all of the different amenities that you get when you go to church? Or, do you tie it to the church down the street just because they look like they are having a hard time. No, you tie it to the church where you get the support from.

You pay for where you get support from, you contribute where you get support from. The challenge in our thinking is that somebody else beyond the person who has already helped us is going to give us that magic answer. And I call that window shopping and window shopping really really really is, I'm going to go get that next thing. I'm going to go get that next thing. I'm going to go get that next thing and never really apply and really don't achieve the results you want to achieve.

Your lesson for today, while I'm driving for you success, is really really contribute and give to where you're getting the support, the love, the encouragement, the coaching, the spiritual connection, the place that your moving forward. Don't be looking somewhere else, your already getting it, contribute where your already getting in.

Hey thanks, have a great day, see you soon.


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