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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Nov 23, 2023

Hey there I was talking with a client today and she was reminding me because I suggested that she get head shot for her the book that she just got out into the world it's a children's book and so excited for her she's an attorney who would have never thought in her million years uh that she would write a children's book and so it's out there and it's really cool and and I suggested she get a new head shot because her head shot is from when she's an attorney and kind of very stoic and uh so one of the things that she was telling me about the photographer and what he had her do is he had her climb a tree like go figure and I said why would he tell you to climb a tree she said because I told him about your a transformational audio called a billionaire mindset achieving a billionaire mindset and I said wow oh my God that's commitment and so think of this tree as your tree of prosperity I used to have a center called the tree of life and it it was really an amazing place that that we brought people in from all over parts of Orange County and Southern California it was amazing we had it for a lot of years and in some ways I miss it but the truth is I can actually reach more of you here and so this tree idea is prosperity is is defined in forms of a tree so they say money doesn't grow on trees I say well money is from trees because it's got linen and Pulp and so on and so forth so kind of does grow on trees we just have to think about it a little differently and you know maybe you laugh about that I hope so but think of this tree as a tree of where you can go and Achieve many many things and I will say this that the audio uh that that my attorney client was talking about has helped her really overcome some difficult situations in um uh in her family in her life and in growing her you know law practice and it's actually gotten much much much much bigger much bigger than even any of her Partners expected so this this tree idea is something you want to allow yourself to think about because trees are filled with Prana energy life force trees give us opportunities to think bigger and expand and reach and trees flow in the wind and and they do all of these magical and amazing things so meditate on a tree today and let that tree maybe be a source of inspiration for uh magnetizing what it is you want to achieve next or want to succeed next ad so this is Sheevaun Moran go to and hey if you're inspired and you want that audio you can find that in our store on the website and uh let me know how I can be of service to you and getting to your uh the heights of your tree and the heights of the expansion of your tree all right have a great day talk soon. Unleash Your Stuck Prosperity More Epic Tools: For more of these articles, rule breakers, energetic solutions or concepts, and for more ease and grace in your life or business, connect with me at Grab your FREE copy of the Epic Life Toolkit at Remember that energy is within you…let it shine today! Twitter   / sheevaun   Facebook LinkedIn   / sheevaunmoran   Blog site Subscribe to my channel!    / energeticsolutions