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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Nov 9, 2023

Everyone imagine for a moment that you have the desire to get to another place financially or emotionally or relationship-wise, yet you keep hitting this ceiling we've talked about. The glass ceiling before in some of our other videos and I want to talk about the way it affects you and how it impacts others um and how you might be doing this very same thing my name is Sheevaun Moran I'm driving for your success and let's get you to break Beyond Break Free Break through into something new and on the other side on the other Shore so you hit a ceiling you get to a place where things are really so friction oriented and in your system that you want to quit you want to leave you want to bail and maybe you contr control a whole lot of things in your life you like control control is good um but then you know that you can get to the other side and you're doing everything to try to keep everything moving and and and under control and it's getting more and more shaky and yet the thing that you want want is on the other side of this shakiness and that shakiness is good because it's giving you a signal that you are on to something about what it is that you're bumping up against often times the control that you're holding on to is preventing others from doing their work that you're doing for them often times that that tension that pressure that fist grabbing stuff that you're doing in order to make sure you have everything done perfectly is actually getting you to drop balls a lot of balls and actually getting you to not succeed even though your mission is to succeed and so if this sounds familiar this happens a lot whenever you get to uh you get to an upper limit and an upper limit you want to get to lot lots of upper limits and another way that you're going to the upper limit is you're going to push back and say it's somebody else's fault and somebody else did this to you somebody else took something away from you you didn't agree to something when in fact you actually fully and wholly agreed to it in order to take more in order in order to break free in order to get to the other side in order to get that bigger result but the results are the things are failing things are failing in lots of ways and things are getting Messier and Messier and Messier and Messier and Messier and until something has to break or you have to quit and give up and then not keep reaching for that other Shore not keep rowing for the other Shore because you're tired and it's too much and and the fact of the matter is you're so close you are so so close and it's when that friction that shaking kind of thing happens that you want to raise your hand ask for help get help get enrolled into something that is going to uh somebody who can help you see where you're needing help help you see where your upper limit is and take you to the other side because listen we can do this on our own and it's going to take a lot longer and a lot more pain a lot more frustration and a lot more pivots and falls to the bottom and climbing to the top again but if you really want to get to the Breakthrough piece you're going to have to raise your hand for help anyway this happens a lot in businesses in in in people's lives people who are high Achievers when they want to achieve more but they're doing the wrong things in the right direction because they're grabbing too much so if this sounds like you you know reach out listen to some of these videos listen to one of the other uh uh shows I had on breakthrough and really if you have the angling to reach out this is your time maybe a conversation is all it takes in order to get to the other side often times that is true so raise your hand ask for help get it now before it gets you and takes you down and takes you out and takes you out of the game so you don't have to climb up from the bottom again anyway this is kind of like a public service announcement that I thought you would enjoy so find me at go and visit subscribe schedule a chat uh really find something there that is going to help you break three break three Break Free Break three Break Free you get what I'm talking about we have lots of things to offer and if the conversation is what is important then that's where you go and you go to you can find a place to book a chat I cannot wait to see you on the other Shore because your soul is screaming to get you there let's do this see you soon okay.


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