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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Nov 2, 2023

Everyone Sheevaun Moran here Driving For Your Success and I'm in my office today and I thought I would do a driving for your success video here just for you because thoughts are so powerful I know through the work that I've done with all the folks around the world that I've helped in all different industries that by changing a phrase or turn of words or thoughts or using a different word will Empower you in so many ways so your thoughts matter yeah you may have heard that but thoughts are things and things are energy and energy is the thing that becomes what you get trapped in you may say it's mindset you may say you're in a in a container of energy and trapped in that container but the truth of the matter is um if you're trapped in a container you you have been thinking deeper into a problem so thoughts are things things are energy so thoughts are energy and every thought you have about what your issue problem challenge difficulty resentment anger whatever that is everything that you do to continue thinking in the exact same way meaning you're on a straight road to that same thought again and again and again you're never seeing different cars on the road you're just seeing that same thought and my invitation to you is look around you and look for nature and look for breath and look for things to uh get to the other side of that thought so you're mad at somebody I'm sorry that you're mad at somebody and you're mad at somebody maybe because they said something to you that you didn't like or how you received it or you're going through something and the fascinating about about thoughts and energy is it's easier to shift your energy than it is to shift your thoughts that's why I teach energetic Solutions so that you can get out of the thoughts so every thought IM imagine every thought has its own bubble like you see in a cartoon and uh that bubble gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger every time you think about it or metaphor of the cars and that bubble is so big that it just encompasses you well the thing that you have to do is we have to pop the bubble we have to cut the cords to the string of that bubble we have to get that bubble of negative thought that is keeping us stuck in imprison or in chaos and really get it moving now on the other side of that the tricky thing on the other side of that is you have to do at least 180 of the original thought so so you're angry you can't say I love them you could love something about them uh you want to say okay great I love that I'm working to shift this I'm excited that I'm going to feel different and then take it one step further is I'm excited to be free of this rather than going to to be free so thoughts are things things are energy and thoughts are energy and what thoughts are you playing with that keep you really diving deep into the mud again and often times therapy has taught us to cycle and cycle and cycle and cycle and cycle and cycle an idea and and that's not how uh you're going to solve that in a faster way therapy is amazing it's beautiful it's useful and yet you have to get out of the prison of thoughts in order to get the energy as going so that's why we work with energy and then thought so that the results can be intertwining notice how it's going my hands are going like this back and forth one is on the outside one is on the inside that's because thoughts are things and energy does twist and turn inside of that energy so basically another way to disintegrate thoughts that are challenging you is to clap one two and get that out of the way so those are few ideas on thoughts are things and things are energy and thoughts are energy my name is Sheevaun and you know what to do like subscribe share comment tell me you're listening and watching and and do good things out in the world do good thinking things out in the world if you're upset with somebody and blaming somebody then step back and say how am I responsible for this...


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