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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Mar 31, 2022

Hey everyone Sheevaun here driving for your success and today's topic. It's a juicy one. It's where are you crushing your dreams, and here are a couple tips. Are you complaining a lot? Are you looking for things to be wrong and always not working in your favor? Are you in doubt all the time? Are you just a doubter, doubting David, right? Are you one of those? Are you looking for jealousy around somebody, something somebody else's got that you don't have? Are you creating circumstance of dwama, d, w a m, a yes to dwell time is gonna. Take away your dreams. OK, what else? So a couple of other things that really are keeping you from where you could have a more awesome life is your telling everybody on the planet about your dreams and then you're not taking action so you're being out of integrity in your action. 

Here's another one that's really interesting. You're late, you're late. I don't like being late. I really love the concept of honoring time. So where are you dishonoring time? So these are some really juicy bits that if you can clean these up, the energy's gonna start flowing your direction so you can take another step. So let's get back on track, clean those up, cut the cord, get grounded, and move on. And Hey, if you're watching this anywhere other than on my website, go to, and if you want those six free videos that I talk about that are our six tools that we give to everyone of our ceos and they use day in and day out, you go to free Hey, I want you to have an awesome life and as you share and care and give, and you have something to say, say it below, subscribe below and share this if you feel like it's worthy of sharing. All right, have an awesome day. I'm driving for your success. Talk to you soon.




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