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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Mar 10, 2022

Hi. Sheevaun, here, driving for your success. I get asked this question often as to, how can I describe the energy as it applies to a business? Let me take a stab at it, here, for you, for a moment, as this interview that I was on yesterday on a business radio show made me think about it in a couple of new ways.


Right now, you're watching this video somewhere on your phone, or on your computer, or on a screen somewhere, and you don't have any connectivity because at some point in time this is gone from place, to place, to place, and so that's an invisible connection. Think about the oil that comes out of the earth. I met a gentleman who is, he is a salesman for big oil rigs. I asked him why he did what he did and he said, "Because it fascinates me that you can't see what's in the earth, and you can put a tube into the earth, and out of it will come something that turns into something else that our cars and vehicles run by." That's another form of an energetic. That's a more tangible energetic. At the end of the day, you don't always really see it going into your car. You've trusted that that process is happening.


There are lots of energetics in your business and your profits that are formulaic. One of those piece is how you view circumstances. Some will call it your state, but how you view circumstances that happen in your business, in a sale, in a conversation, with employees, getting to a fro, how things are working, etc. they're all dynamics of energetics. The money always does what the energetics of those dynamics are going to do. If you're fearful of money, or not having enough, it will go that direction. It, meaning the energy. Then, the result will be the money. Same thing on the other side, if you do everything you can to get out of those fear based states on a consistent basis, then what you're able to do is get the money to follow all of those positive upward trends. The challenge that happens is that you must do this regularly and consistently so that you can break a habit and it can be broken for good. That's where most people stop.


A lot more information. Love to hear from you and how things are going in your life. Go to There's a book download there for you to get some more details. Until then, subscribe below. Say hello. Make a comment. We're driving for your success. Have a great day.




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