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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Mar 3, 2022

Hey everyone, Sheevaun Moran here. I have a little bit of a longer driving for your success theme today, and I think you're going to love it. It's going to be different and I want you to just bear with me as we get through this teaching, this thought, this idea of how your business, your body, your brain, your life really can take that next level through the metaphor of skiing. I ski, maybe you don't know this, but I ski and every year it's really like starting all over. You know it's like I've had all of these months off, and I'm only going to get to maybe ski, I don't know 8, 10, maybe 20 days and every time you go out on to the snow for the first time that season, it's like your muscles are trying to figure out what's happening.


It's like your brain is trying to figure out what the conditions are. Is all of your equipment, you're really the right equipment for the conditions, for the weather, for being able to see, right? We have goggles to see, and it's not like you're going to go and jump off the most expert run in the first day of the season, at least not me. Maybe my brother because he's pretty awesome, but you really want to get your feet under you. You want to get really confident with the equipment, these are the processes I go through. I want to make sure that my feet feel really good in these boots.


Starting every year for a new season is like starting every day fresh in your business or your life. However you don't look at it like that. You lump them all together. Oh, I feel the same. Oh, things are happening like this. You get into a rut of same, same. What I call same, same. When you do same, same, what you end up with, is you end up with not being able to ever be accountable to the success, so skiing is such that you go down, I start off on a medium run to get my inner confidence going and get my legs under me. Get my muscles remembering what the heck to do, you know? Getting the conditions familiar to my system and really making sure that I'm really at the top of my game before I'm going to take that expert level.


So I'll go 1, 2, maybe 3 days at this medium or slightly more advanced range before I dive into the expert, double expert range, right? I get to see my progress. I get to measure my progress by the turns, by the conditions, by the speed, okay? When you do same, same, you're not measuring. You're not looking at your numbers. You're not checking in to see what your emotional state is. You're not checking in with your team. You're letting things run, and just go, and when you do that, what happens is your business will go like this for a little bit, and then it will go like this, and it will go like this, and then it will go like this. Skiing, for me, as a metaphor, is you start with the blues, then you go into a little bit more advanced, then a little bit more advanced, then you end up off in the trees in the very deep powder, and you've got the confidence. That's what I did today.


How does life apply? Life applies in such a way, that what do you want to take that next step toward. What do you want to achieve that means that you're going to get a little bit more uncomfortable? You're going to push the boundaries a little bit more. I'm not one of those skiers who goes out of bounds much anymore, but there are people who do, right? But you got to be in condition for it. Same thing with your business. Same thing with life. What do you need to get in condition for with your business? Do you need to have more sales process, sales training? Do you need to have more systems? Do you need to know how internet marketing works? Do you need to really stop focusing on 




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