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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Mar 18, 2021

Hey everyone Sheevaun here Driving for Your Success. And today's topic is success, energy for your business, your body, your brain, your life, and success. Energy is something that does not come from your mind. And one of the biggest misunderstandings about all of the transformation work is that success and success. Energy comes from the mind. Second, it does not come from the mind first. So if you really think about energy in and of itself, and I'm talking about subtle energy, 99% of our world is subtle energy. And if you're around a whole bunch of negative Ned's and Nelly's, your mind is actually going to dive into the pit of being negative net or Nelly. If you're around the minds of people who are more uplifting, you're going to have an easier time being and staying uplifted, but to hack either of those, you want to deal with energy first. 


And the concept of energy first is nature will help you clean up your energy. So is it any wonder that when you go into nature, your mind gets so quiet. It's not that your mind is quiet. It's the energy and the environment is not filled with chaotic mind, energy of others. Nature doesn't have that chaos. Yes, so it's about what can you do with your environment and your energy so that you can achieve that level of success? Because in organized mind is an organized business is a successful and it is a successful business. And a determined business person is more successful because they're organized and they're more easily determined about their goals and objectives because of cleaner. We'll call it cleaned up and okay. In your environment. So the fascinating thing about cleaning up the energy in your environment is yes, you can do Sage. 


Yes, you can do incense. Yes. You can do all of these other things, but look at your environment and the energy of the things in your environment. If they give you a vibe or a sense that is downward. I think Marie Kondo has said something about, you know, must bring joy. Well, I'm gonna I'm to adjust that a bit. It's a downward energy. So we have this spray called soothing spray that actually eats up what I call poopy energy, right? So it does that in your energy system, in your energy body, that's around your body. And it will help the mind to get freer and clearer. So you can use clapping. You know, if you go to an event, clapping actually cleans up some energy. You have to clap a lot to have that happen. Cutting of the chords, go back to one of our earlier videos and cut the chords. 


It's not about you. Can't cut the cords with your mind, cause our minds aren't that sharp, right? But the physical action of cutting the cord is going to disconnect more chaotic energy. So look in your environment and find out where the chaotic energy is, not the chaotic things, but the chaotic energy. Okay. And start paying attention to that and really look at how you're going to adjust that. There's so many cool ways to adjust that, but just start with clapping, cutting the cords. And, um, we have a couple other things called free There's nothing, there's no cell sales attached to it. Just go to free and you can get the six free videos on how to clean up energy. And, uh, if you want more information about me, what we're up to or how to get your business on track and succeeding more thoroughly and energetically aligned, go to  And for now I humbly request that you subscribe and share, and all is beautiful things. Cause you know, good vibes, good karma comes back to you. All right. See you soon.