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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Mar 4, 2021

Hey everyone I was talking with a client of mine yesterday and we use this system to communicate when we're in between sessions. And he was asking about a question and a concern and health issue that his niece was having. And he knows me well enough to know that virtually I can solve and address any health issue because of the way I'm able to see energy and see inside a body and see inside businesses, et cetera. And it was his niece and it was a very complicated and scary thing because they'd been to a whole bunch of doctors and he said to his brother, well, let me, let me just do a little of my own research. And my particular client is a physician or a retired physician, but a physician known us. And he said, well, we took all of these tests and all of these things. 


And they basically said to her, just go home and rest for a week. And it should probably sort itself out in a week or two. And I looked inside her body and discovered that she had a tear in different parts of her system and recommended some things to do and some energy processes and a meditation, one of our kids meditation. And he said, wait a minute, you don't understand what you just did for us. And I wasn't taking it very seriously. And I was like, yeah, that's good. We're good. Now let's work on your stuff. And he said, no, no, no. I want you to take a minute and think about this, that nobody in all of the tests and all the places we've been has been able to identify the things that you recognized and saw in her and gave us a plan ahead. 


So really consider that all of the things that are out there in Western medicine are amazing. They are amazing. I came from Western medicine but there is something else that is deeper and that is much more profound in the body and the energy in what we can do to solve an energetic and physiological issue. I'm the founder of energy mastery. I created a whole system around or around this process and really teach people how to take these things and work on themselves. So they don't end up with so many tests that really aren't going to reveal the ultimate underlying issue.  I hope that you found this interesting. I thought it was very profound in that he made me stop and pay attention to something that I don't think much about because I've one I've been doing for so long and with so many tens of thousands of folks and to it's really second to me to be able to look into a person and their physiology and find out what's going on health wise, and it's not the medical intuitive stuff. It's kind of like the MRI 3d stuff. It's really kind of cool and frightening for some, but on the other side, that there are things that are doable and recommendations that can occur in order for the process of true healing and longevity to not take a turn for the worst, after a long set of not finding the result. So you can find out more information about energy mastery @ My name's Sheevaun Moran have an awesome day and to your health now, namaste.


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