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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Dec 10, 2020

Hey, Hey, Hey, I saw a post the other day that got me thinking about how people get out there into the world and speak their truth in a way that actually sabotages their life, their success, their health, and it's an important piece of information. And so most people tend to find issue, meaning they look for what's wrong with something and you know what, that's what we've been chained to do. We've been chained to look for what's wrong. We've been trained to kind of be detectives for the problem. School trains us to be problem solvers and to go fix the problem. So we start looking at the problem and really, energetically, what starts to happen is when you start to look at the problem, the problem becomes more of a problem. This is why a lot of people create more drama when they start looking at the things that they've created and they start looking at what's wrong with them. 


We're closing in on the end of a very strange year.  I would implore you, suggest to you, request that you look at this from a different point of view.  When I work with folks, what occurs is I will look at the energy I will look at the information they've provided and shared, and I will look at the outcome that they look to achieve and the outcomes they'd like to receive. My unique ability is helping folks find kind of that obstacle in the artery that needs to have things pushed for the artery of whatever's going on that you're not getting the result that you want.  It really is important in each of the things that I talk about and I write about and do videos about is helping you learn to find ways to get there so that when you get to me, we can actually solve the bigger problems. 


So what I would suggest to you is to, rather than criticize and find the problem, look at your criticisms and try to find one little nugget,  one little speck of dust that is good, that is right, that is wonderful about the thing that's in front of you. The problem, the situation, the circumstance, the person, the opportunity, the drama. Look at one thing that is good, and that is working in the direction that you wish to go. What can happen is when you put your energy and your attention, which means you're putting your intention towards something, you actually can start finding the solution sooner. Let's find solutions sooner and let's look at what is working. Even if it's just one tiny thing. Remember your energy follows intention, actually doesn't follow attention. It actually follows intention. So pay attention to that and look for the good and report back, share below some of the things that you've discovered, where things are working for you, rather than what's not working in your life and your world. My name is Sheevaun Moran. Go to and grab some cool free stuff. Read some stuff, find out more stuff that's going to help you. We have so many things that are going to get you across the other side. If I can be of value or service, please do reach out to me. author at Hey, I hope you have an awesome day and really find so many wonderful little nuggets and dust particles of good that they start to expand into beautiful rays of light and opportunity. See you soon.


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