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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Jan 30, 2020

Hey Sheevaun Moran here. And today's conversation is brought to you by this, conversation I had with a millennial who was very traumatized. And I asked him what he wanted and you know, he said, "I want peace". And I said, "Great,  you already have peace?" And he said, "well, I want more peace." And I said, "Well, that's great. What do you want? Peace around?" And I said, "well then I want freedom." I said, "Well, you have freedom." And he says, "well, I want more freedom."

 And so it, and we went down this path a little bit more and finally we got to hit a lot of trauma that he wanted to start healing and working on so he could make more sales and be better on the planet and make a difference. He worked for a company that has food and he's one of their salespeople. 

And he didn't seem very happy to me. He didn't seem very content. He didn't seem like he was really that interested. He was curious about the energy that, that was bouncing off our, bouncing off our booth. And we got into a deep conversation about the soul and spirituality and really being here in fulfilling that next level of passion and connectivity and alignment and spirituality. And I love these conversations because the truth of any entrepreneur journey-is you may have done it because you wanted freedom. You may have gotten into it because you need a side hustle and you needed extra money. You may have gotten into it because you've been pounded on the head enough by people asking you for your product. Whatever the reason is you got into it, that your soul is getting stretched and expanded and you know, going off and really interesting tangents and away from the soul conversation. 


But the soul always wants to be nourished. And entrepreneurship is one of the most infuriating, yet fulfilling and nourishing journeys you can ever be on. So long as you know how to sell. So long as you had to get into alignment, so long as you know how to manage your energy and as long as you know how to really, really provide value and receive back. And most people spend so much time putting their stuff out there, they're not willing to look at how to receive. So this young soul is  going to embark on a journey of his soul. One of our audios is called "Discover your Divine Self and  it's something that he was drawn to that really made sense for him. And what I would put out to you today is what is your business needing that your soul is calling? 


And I do hope that it is about being more elegant in your sales conversations, that it is being about more authentic and integrous with who you want as a client. Who you want as a boss? Who you wanted as family friend? Who you want around you, right? Because the fun fact is that your soul is going to really, really be uncomfortable and you'll feel uncomfortable in your own human skin. If you're in something that is wonky and your personality is taking control, the personality and the soul are two radically different conversations. The personalities, all the stuff that you've been trained into and the soul is your divine essence. It is really here to help you get to your next level. So for your soul's journey, let's take a new step! a new direction! My name's Sheevaun Moran. Go to Sheevaun 


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