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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Oct 31, 2019


Hey Everyone Sheevaun here! Driving For Your Success. And I always get the craziest looks from my sunglasses. I thought I'd leave them on for a second. People seem to always want to smile at me and maybe it's just cause I generally smile. It seems like I wear when I wear different sunglasses, they don't smile as much. Anyway, so it's a sidebar for you. Today's topic, what is it that you need in order to make a choice in order to make a decision? Generally, we're taught now to hurry up and then to hurry up and change and hurry up and make another change. And the weirdest thing that happens, I think with this change make another change thing is that nothing's ever, nothing's ever good enough. And then whenever we hear the message from our soul, when we hear the calling, when we're, we're in alignment with something, we actually go through a process of significant doubt.

And Boy! that's significant doubt, totally leads us to a whole new acronym that they've created called “FOMO”, Fear of Missing Out. Well, it's really fascinating because you create fear of missing out by not making your highest and best choice. how do you make choices? Well, first of all, you have to figure out do you have the time and is it necessary? And when you're working on yourself and it's transformation work, I always say that the people who land, in my sphere, it's necessary. Their call came out, this soul called out and said, I need something. And all of a sudden I show up or the video shows up or an email shows up or a friend mentions me.  I have found that to be true all the freaking time.  Yet what the weirdest thing is that we do is we discounted, we discard it and we throw it away as it means nothing.


And then it takes a year or two years or five years of whatever, of more pain before we're like, okay…fine. The fascinating thing that we must do is look inside and say yes sooner. Cause the yes sooner actually gets us out of pain faster or actually averts pain faster. It's kind of an interesting thing. When we make choices, if we can learn to really make a choice to something that is going to take us closer to our goal, we're going to get there sooner. If we're doing it to avoid spending money, it's actually going to take us longer. Interestingly enough to get there. If we're doing it too, if we're preventing ourselves from making the choice of getting there, we're actually saying, you know what, I'm going to try this other thing first. Even though that soul calling and that pain is there.

We wait….and we wait until that 11th hour until it's so far along and there's so much trouble that it takes us a lot to dig out of the hall. I Dunno. I think you get what I'm talking about. Anyway, I like to help you create miracles. I like you to create miracles on your terms in your language and we have to teach you how to find that language. That language has to come from me and you interacting and not just me talking at you and you listening and trying to figure it out all in your head because no true transformation is done just in your head. It's really in communication and conversation and interaction and what I say, “belly to belly”, “face to face”, “smile to smile”. I think it's important for us to learn to get out of our shells and to really stop hiding from these opportunities to get they're more fulfilling ease filled grace-filled ways.

I would love to see you join us. Join us at our Epic Life Summit!  If you could join us for our epic life toolkit. Go to Just turn us on my website and check it out and see what kind of audios I've got over 20 audios. I've written 12 books. I've done a few things. It's a little hard to refute the numbers of things that I've done. The proof is in the pudding. The proof is in the folks that have already spoken out.



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