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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Oct 10, 2019

Hey Everyone! Sheevaun here Driving for Your Success! And it's been an amazing day! And there was this topic I think is important for you. And it's about the one thing. It is one of the one things that really will change your entire world. So take this into consideration. When you go to school, you end up going from grade to grade to grade, and then subject to subject…etc. And then you get out in life and it doesn't work that same way. Everything is just thrown at you all at once. And we're trying to figure out how to put it all together into this amazing soup. And it takes awhile. It really can take awhile. And then you get your groove going, something happens and maybe you put on some weight, maybe you're not paying attention to your numbers. Maybe you've gotten into overwhelm and chaos. Maybe you have a bunch of health things that are showing up or accidents. And the fascinating thing that shows up. The chaos of the mind and all of the chatter in the head and all of the chatter around. It's so much chaos. And then we attract chaos and chaos becomes our way. We're looking for the big get… big way out. And often times we quit, we give up. We play small until we have to dig our way out …again and again and again.This one thing is about taking your idea of 1%. What is one thing that you can do today that will get you 1% better? We mean, do you need to be more excellent with your word to yourself? Meaning keeping your word to yourself. So if you have a habit of breaking your word to yourself and you want to clean that up, then really take that 1%. Don't try to be like, I will always be perfect on my word. It's really about these 1% increments that are going to get you actually further ahead with more ease and grace and closer to your alignment sooner rather than this big, big high and the big, big, low and going in this rollercoaster because that is generally how you've been taught. School teaches you to go through the roller coaster, friends teach you to go through the roller coaster. Try the 1%, better today. One thing that you can change and be consistent with just today and the next day and the next day, no go from thing to thing to thing. Cause if you go from thing to thing to thing to thing, you are always going to be in chaos and confusion and not really taking the steps ahead that are truly yours and designed for you. You've just gotten into the human dynamic drama. 

My name is Sheevaun Moran. I'm driving for your success while I'm actually sitting in the backyard because it's amazing outside right now and it hasn't been for quite a few months. 

You can find me at You can subscribe to me down below. Thank you. 

You can make comments, you can share, you can give me your ideas for things that you want to break free from. Or you could go to Anyway, have an awesome day and just do that one thing….that 1% ! See you soon! 


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