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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Oct 3, 2019

Hey Everyone Sheevaun here! And I have something that I've been pondering for a bit and it's conversations around where we go south on bringing more income or revenue, more success to any part of our life business, our own business, our side hustle, negotiations, an increase in a raise, etc. And one of the really fascinating things we do, after we've had a trauma or drama is money, becomes less important. And that is valuable because generally, the love of money is the thing that makes people really go crazy and eventually they're going to have a fall. And that really creates a lot of chaos. So once you end up, you know, working from your heart and really from, you know, your spiritual purpose, what you end up with often is somewhat of a disconnection with how money and income and earning can work really well with this new you. 


And when that disconnection happens, we go through savings. We think it's got to be a marketing solution. We think it's got to be a social media solution. We think it's got to be all of these outside things. And we're always looking outside. We're looking externally, we're not looking to do this inner alignment thing. And that inner alignment thing is the most essential piece of who we are and how we are and actually how income comes together. So here's a classic example. Things are going well, you get your idea, you know you decided to do all this marketing and get your message out there and a few people come in and all of a sudden stuff happens and it's not working the same way it used to. Okay? That's kind of typical. That means you got out of alignment. The other way that this occurs is. Okay, you're on your mission, you've raised some money, or you've gotten loans, etc., and you haven't learned how to bring money in, in this new elevated conversation of who you are and how you are, and you don't know how to communicate your message, clearly.


 You don't know how to say things to get people to say yes to whatever it is that you're offering, even if it's an increase in your income. So that disconnection is kind of like chopping your head off. It's really fascinating how we'll go and give stuff away for free and forget to ask for what it is that we want. Would you like that? Would you like to buy that?  We just had somebody in our Facebook group. We have a private Facebook group.  If you want to join it it's Epic Lifer Breaking the Mold. And she's an artist and she ended up in a conversation with somebody and asked the person in the conversation who was admiring the work a lot if she wanted to buy it. So we do all of these sideways things, that keep us from our truest ease and grace of income, alignment of heart and mind and money. 

And that's a conversation that I would like for you to do self-inquiry with because here's something that's truer than true for yourself. You can feel this inside of you and your intellect is going, I need it this way. These are the sequences that have to happen, etc. But the proof in the pudding is as soon as you stop quitting little quits because here's the fact, little quits get you taking massive quits in the outside world. Little inner quits get you taking massive quits and hits in the outside world. So a little quit would be, I dunno, this is too hard. I don't know. I should probably just quit and give it up and sell the company, try something else, get something else, etc. And invariably that's when something is exactly right for you and for you to stay the course. But the little quit is, it's just on the other side of all of that friction and fear and anxiety. 


So my invitation to you is let's really dive into this in a new way. One of the things I put together for you was this really awesome little tool kit called “Epic Life Tool Kit” and it's seven steps of unwinding those conversations, unwinding those challenges that are within you so that you can really see your next way in. And then we give you an audio from there. And then if you're ready to jump on a call, if not, then do that later. But this tool kit is free. It's easy. It has unlocked so many things and so many revelations for folks. I am excited for you to grab it and really turn this alignment into something that totally changes the game in your world, no matter what you're doing, no matter where you want to go, no matter where you're at in your life. So, let's see. How do you find it? You find it at and my name is Sheevaun and I do this thing called “Driving for your Success”. And if you like to have more on this topic or share this and you find this valuable. Comment below. Subscribe. Share the love. I so appreciate you. Have an amazing, amazing day!


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