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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Aug 29, 2019

Hey everyone, Sheevaun Moran here and I'm usually driving for your success but today I just got off an interview and I was inspired to share some information about prosperity hacking, that was our interview. The truth of the matter of prosperity hacking is, you have it within you, it's not always about the people who are around you. You have the ability to improve, increase and have the prosperity that you want. So what you focus on, if you focus on breath, or you focus on stress, or you focus on the ability to have prosperity. You focus on the fact that you're lucky, you focus on the fact that you're a good presenter, the energy will move in the direction of where you place your focus.

Einstein said it, that energy equals mass. Well, energy-focused at one specific thing is going to achieve a mass of movement and result. So let's hack your prosperity today and really take a deep breath and focus on one, just one thing that you want, you know that is in your, that you're destined to have and really let me know what this one point of focus achieves for you today. So focus, focus, focus and if you need more focus, you need more tips, go to or subscribe below and share this if you feel so inspired. Thanks and see you soon.

Prosperity hacking is within you and what you focus on becomes what your reality is. The energy will move where you move the direction that you place it. 

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