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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Jun 13, 2019

Hi everyone. Sheevaun here, Driving for Your Success. This morning I want to talk a little bit about how not letting somebody in front of you and really preventing somebody else from moving along in their journey is actually keeping you back. What often happens in a competitive environment, is somebody who says, "Well, I'm not going to let anybody get ahead of me." You know, "They're not going to get in front of me, because I'm in a hurry." Now, that's really competitive thinking, but collaborative thinking, the highest way of thinking, the highest way of succeeding is, "I'm going to find out if that person is on a timeline."

I'll give you an example. Maybe you got stuck in traffic going to the airport and you did everything in your power to get there ahead of time, on time, whatever that is. However, everybody in front of you has the same energy, the same way of thinking, "Okay, I got to get there, I got to get there." Now, is there a problem asking that person in front of you what their timeline is? They may be on a tighter timeline than you, or they may be on a very much more relaxed timeline, because they didn't have the same traffic challenges.

One of the things that happens more often than not in competitive environments, is not helping others up so that they can achieve more, so that you can achieve more. The highest way of thinking, the most collaborative way of thinking ... You can look at Elon Musk, he invented the motor for the Tesla car. Now they've made it open source. Open sourcing is collaborative. I'm going to help others while I help myself. I believe Ford Motor Company did the same thing.

Where are you trying to hold somebody down or hold somebody back from getting there ahead of you by just a micro-second? Knowing, or maybe you don't know, that this is hurting your chances and taking you further back from your end goal. Let somebody in front of you, really be collaborative this week, and see what positive results show up for you. This is Sheevaun Moran. Make sure you subscribe below, and I'm Driving for Your Success.



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