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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Mar 7, 2019

Hey there, Sheevaun Moran here, and I was reading an email just a little bit ago and it had this amazing word in it that I think would help you reveal something that maybe is going on inside of your world. We do all these practices. Maybe we do some yoga once a week or we meditate here and there, you know, we're working on ourselves and we're really thinking where these spiritual people. But maybe we have a conflated experience and a conflated idea of what these all mean. What is the spiritual experience for you? We, more than the spiritual experience, want to get into our own inner alignment, get into that zone of genius that only we can provide and share and live from. But we get caught up in other's ideas, thoughts, programs, patterns, attitudes, traumas – circumstances that really keep us from achieving our highest and most glorious potential self. 

So what is the thing that you're out there saying you're doing and being when the results monetarily aren't what you need or want when the business isn't really maybe achieving the results that you are now or that you know are possible? Or maybe you just keep repeating the same cycles again and again and again. 

There's this fascinating thing I read recently that Western medicine is experiencing for the past 100 years up until today, this same 100 problems and errors, the same errors again and again and again over the past hundred years. And so it's pretty indicative of how we get really stuck into a rut and we maybe dip our toes into that next level, but we don't really go out there and thrive and live and integrate from it. So I’d love to make sure that you're getting out of your way. So think about where you're getting out of alignment, out of integrity, and out of maybe out of your head and into all of somebody else's stuff and cut the cord and take another step into who you are today. Hey, my name is Sheevaun Moran; you can find me at If you're watching this anywhere other than there, go there. There's a wonderful set of downloads and until next time I'm Driving for Your Success. I drove a lot of hours this morning, so I'm actually home and sitting for your success, but effectively this is the Driving for Your Success channel, so see you soon! Subscribe and share!


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