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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Feb 7, 2019

Hey everyone Sheevaun here driving for your success. It's been a little while. Am I driving for your success series and today I want to talk about when that change or that change that you've been looking for and waiting that you've been like hoping that been working for really comes about and suddenly things just seem to start working on your behalf in your favor. What happens? Like what is it that next occurs? Well, the fascinating thing is family, friends, loved ones, people around you will expect you to go back to the way you were, whether you were lazy or you know you had a job or whatever it is. They will expect you to go back to the way you were and they're going to keep saying things to you to get you to go back to that other place. So it's going to feel like you are kind of disassociated in another space, kind of in a different energy. 

Like things are moving really good and what do you do next? And the fact of the matter is that when things go well, our brain is super excited and then it's like, wait a minute, and it actually gets to a new level and the US new level, new devil. So what do you do? You really just have to want to get into observation, respect, honor, and really appreciate where you are. Stay in the now get ground. I'd go back to our grounding video. So is there any free or somewhere here on youtube about grounding and our grounding videos because it works with all bodies, physical, mental, emotional, relational, financial, spiritual. And so the thing that you want to prevent most is to look for another problem, to look for what is wrong, rather than saying, oh my gosh, this is kind of cool. I'm going to keep on this same train in this same vein. 

So thanks for listening. May all of your successes be way beyond what you imagined and give yourself the opportunity to take this new level and integrate before it becomes a new devil. Alright, subscribe somewhere on this channel and make sure you share this with folks who, if you feel it's appropriate, go to Sheevaun Moran. If I'm or get our six free videos and free Until next time, uh, if you're watching this anywhere else other than on my web, say you know, go to that website I just gave you. All right?



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