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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Jan 31, 2019

Everyone Sheevaun here driving for your success and there's something that you're thinking about, what is preventing your success that isn't quite right, and it's really important that you pay attention here for a second. 

The things that we want in our business and our next step in a job in our relationship requires something of us that has become a very dirty and bad word, and the people who are inventors or idea makers or you know, like Steve Jobs, he had this and Elon Musk has it and Richard Branson has it and Warren Buffett has it. A Gandhi had it, so a lot of people have this one thing and it's called obsession. Obsession is bad word. To be obsessed about something is to be possessed, so supposedly, but to be obsessed with, with something in a good way is to really go and get that result. Be obsessed with getting that result now and obsession does not have to exclude every single thing else in your world. 

It doesn't. However, it does require that you put the right things in the right order, in the right way, so that that obsession becomes a reality with more ease, so when we're obsessed with something, we generally have the capacity to exceed the momentum that it requires. So think about this for a second. Here requires a ton of momentum, like to get a rocket off the ground and into Earth's atmosphere. It takes more than half of the fuel of that rocket just to get it off the ground, into the atmosphere, and so you have to be obsessed in order to get that friction and that energy and that fuel in order to get the thing that you want or need off the ground. Now the challenge is after that, once it's off the ground, do you have to now get it really elegantly obsess and then get streamlined and energetic so that the obsession allows that energy to feed and propel itself forward. So generally what happens with most people is the obsession happens. Yay. Oh, quit or give up because it didn't work out. Or Oh, I got some results, but you don't continue. So what do you need to get obsessed by in order to get the results that you want? That's my mission missive for the day. This is Sheevaun driving for your success. Go to SheevaunMoran.Com. If you're watching this anywhere other than there, and, uh, if you want those six free videos, go to Until next time, be properly assessed and enjoy your day.



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