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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Jan 24, 2019

Everyone Sheevaun here driving for your success. It's an amazing day. It's warm here in sunny southern California. We're having some amazing winter weather freezing in the morning. Wonderful in the afternoon. And I think today's talk big is really about lack mentality. And one of the things that I've witnessed with, oh my gosh, thousands and thousands of clients is no matter what, where you are with your world and your prosperity, it isn't quite what you thought it would be. It isn't quite enough even though it really is and there's always going to cost more than you think. So the fascinating thing is that I went to ask you is where do you get caught in lack mentality? Meaning, are you spending $7 on a latte and saying you can't afford something that you know, you truly need or want in order to get ahead and grow, shift, grow your business, whatever that is. 

Um, I remember, you know, a particular client that's coming to my mind is, uh, we worked with her to get her income sorted out and get her consistent income. Her first level was it getting assistant com of $5,000 a month. We got that for her. We helped her get that and uh, through our processes and, and uh, sales conversations in energetics and she got there, she met it, and then she stepped into another level and then what happened? Well, $10,000 is really going to help me meet all my needs and take that next step. And that's true. And we got her to that place. And so at that point in time I suggested maybe we should go for beehive big hairy audacious goal. She says, well, I think I'd like an $80,000 client that this is great. You've got a great foundation. Things are working. 

She actually ended up getting a hundred and $15,000 a year client and a was for a lot of work, but she had the capability. She'd grown into the ability. But what happened is she decided that she didn't have enough to, to meet all of her bills even though she had her base income plus the hundred and $15,000 a year. So the challenge that we face as we grow and get our income sorted out is we tend to believe that we never have enough and we tend to not really go for what nature has intended for our soul. So what is your, what is your enough? I mean maybe you are enough right now as an extra thousand dollars a month and Yay, I applaud that and I wish that for you, uh, but are you playing the lack mentality game in some way that is keeping you really small and stuck and probably even broke even though you have a greater level of income. 

So think about that. Find out where you're spending in ways that are completely nonsensical or you're pretending that you need to spend over here and you're actually putting things in savings. So let's play a different game. Get out of the lack mentality for a week and see what happens. Play a new game and play with your money in a much more conscious and awake way. This is Sheevaun Moran, driving for your success. If you're watching this anywhere other than on my website, go to, or you can get those six free videos and free All right, till next time, have an awesome day.




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