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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Jan 17, 2019

Hey everyone Sheevaun here driving for your success and do you ever feel like you're just kind of walking around in a haze and the days and you just can't seem to get things moving? It's like you're walking through mud. Uh, we're here in southern California and we've had a whole bunch of mud sides and mud is a great metaphor. Uh, when we expect something to be fine or different, et Cetera, we actually tend to get sedentary and rain and water and tears and all of those things help us wash away some of that mud. But more importantly, what is it that's going on underneath? What about this? Think about this for ponder on this comment below on this, about what is it? It has you slow down. Did you expect a different result? Did you expect something impossible to happen or not happen? Did you get let down a, did you just eat a whole bunch of sugar and now you need to spend two months detoxing from it? 

It could be that usually it's the sugar is, is a isn't anesthetists and anesthesiologists, uh, for what needs to be covered up. And usually those are something that is around disappointment, discouragement, I'm having a dis ease around something, not disease, but disease, not ease. I'm having something like that. They just really didn't go as you expected. And you know, we're in a time when we keep thinking it's going to get better. And the only way it's going to get better is when we wake up, shake ourselves up, get some help, you know, really look outside of ourselves and ask for ask for guidance. Ask for help. Ask for mentorship. You know, ask for things that are gonna, help you get to your next level because it will get better only if you get better. And the best way for you to get better is for you to shake things up. Do something radically different. So it's my topic for today. Love to hear what you have to say and go over to SheevaunMoran.Com. If you're watching this anywhere than on my website, you're going to go And if you need those six free videos that I talk about that are going to get you grounded and really get you back in your body was just kind of probably what we all need and to go to free kickstarter dot driving for your success. Subscribe below. Share it. Thank you. Thank you. Talk soon.



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