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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Dec 27, 2018

Are You Still Using These Limiting Words

If you’re using these words in this sequence then you are truly holding yourself back. But here is a remedy...

Hey everyone Sheevaun here driving for your success and I think today's topic really needs to be what kind of phrases are you trapped and saying because maybe something isn't going the way you want or need or must have, and there's something critical that I hear a lot of people say when they get maxed out when they get super bummed out or stressed out, is it can't go on like this much longer. Now there are two sides to that. 

The one side is, you're right, it can't go on much like this for much longer, uh, because something's gotta change and usually it's you or your environment or maybe even just your language. And the other side of that is if you have things that are moving in your direction and the finances are working out, but maybe not to the highest degree that you want or expect or no are possible, and you repeatedly saying, well, it can't just, it just can't continue this way. 

Well, we know. Or hopefully you've learned that what you say you become and how you placed that energy out there is the result that you're going to get the reward. So if you're saying it can't go on much longer like this, uh, you're assuming that it can't because the truth of the matter is, it really could. If things are moving in your direction, it will gain momentum. And then the other side is it can't go on much longer like this is, it shouldn't go on much longer like this. So it's like, think about what's going on inside of your world, inside of your brain. What things are you seeing out there out loud and inside of your head that are really, really toxic and keeping you in a small, small place. So what if it can go on like this and even get better? I can get something somehow more simple. 

What if it can't go on like this and it is just going to get better? So that's my thought for you today and it can go on like this. I'm driving for your success. Grateful to be here on this beautiful sunny day. And, uh, may you have an up leveling and how you speak the phrases you use and what you're putting out there into the world because it does matter, you matter and how you get your words out there matters. Hey, if you're watching this anywhere other than on my website, go to Siobhan Moran Dot Com. And, uh, there are six free videos on there that are really going to help you get unstuck. So make sure you check out SheevaunMoran.Com. It's not where you're watching this otherwise 

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