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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Dec 20, 2018

Hey, good morning, Sheevaun Moran here, driving for your success. 

We have a couple of guests in the car this morning. Good morning. Hey, so today's topic is money and freedom, big, huge honking talk topics. Talk to and so when you talk about something, you have to really, really take a look at what money brings for you and what freedom brings for you. So you want freedom, you need money to get freedom, and yet money brings up all kinds of things so you get a little bit of money. Then all of the things in your system start getting wonky. Your family, your friends, your loved ones really start turning into different people and they want more and you want more than you're caught in a cycle of not enough. When you're in a cycle of not enough, you actually have less freedom and you're gonna really back away from wanting to have more money. 

Speaker 1: So it's this really big tug. Push and pull. You remember the push me, pull me a little animal and Dr doolittle. Well, that's kind of what you're doing when you're talking about dealing with money and where it goes and how it gets you to where you want to go. So I created a program called seven weeks to cash and why seven weeks, because what we discovered is it was an experiment in the beginning and now it's become a signature thing that everybody gets more time, more energy, more money, but more importantly gets their wonky mindset and they're funky poopy energy unwound and re started in set in a much more healthy, integrative way that allows that money and time and freedom to really show up for you. So if that's something that you feel like you're interested in, we're about to launch that to program and about a week and you're going to have to get on it because, uh, we have a full call schedule whenever we have folks in the program. So on this page somewhere, you're going to find a link and you're just going to say, yeah, I just want to talk and figure out if it's something that I'm interested in. So that's what I want you to do. Go Click that page and until next time, thanks for paying attention and really listening to what's going on with your money and freedom and really wanting to take another step. The folks in my car right here did that. So, so anyway. Uh, we'll see you next time. Talk soon.

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