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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Dec 13, 2018

Hey, Sheevaun here driving for your success, and this morning I was having a conversation with one of my team members. She was having a sore throat and one of the folks that she was managing just really wasn't stepping in or stepping up to her capacity and potential and what would they knew each other as and so my lead team member was taking on her stuff and taking it on because she was feeling bad that she couldn't get her to the place of success and abundance that she knew it. She had the capacity to and she really wasn't speaking up and telling anybody about this. Really believed that she could fix it and it's not like she couldn't, but some people really just have a lot going on and, and, and that's not the point of this driving for your success. A little video. It's really about where do you have this thing that stuck in your throat and now it's just really. 

Maybe you're not communicating clearly, lovingly. Maybe you're over communicating. Maybe you're communicating in a way that is hard and intense and vibrationally off that can affect, that can affect the voice. So where do you need to be a little bit more communicative, loving, caring, kind, vocal, and to really step in to what you're here to do, hiding will actually get your throat to be kind of funky. So think about it, chew on it, swallowed a bit, uh, and subscribed the low. Write some comments below and share this with somebody who you think might need or might get some value from it that if you're driving, if you're driving anywhere. Yeah, if you're driving anywhere, make sure you stop and go to If you're not watching this on a, the SheevaunMoran.Com, say 10. And until next time we will see you in the driving for your success series. Have a great day.



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