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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Dec 6, 2018

This one idea and word is sabotaging each step of your growth. Turn this around and life is more fruitful.

Hey everyone Sheevaun here driving for your success today. I think I want to talk about how once you get some success, it's really kind of fascinating. What occurs is often more often than not, what ends up with little tiny concepts of this one little attitude. I'm not going to talk about it exactly yet, but I want to. I want to share with you that maybe there's something inside of you that is preventing you from getting that monetary success, that you want more recognition or more impact or influence, and yet somewhere along your life you've believed or perceived or understood that putting yourself out there is wrong or bad that it thinks should just come to you. You put some selves out. There is one of those people and anybody who has massive wealth or abundance, you know, they did something to achieve it and you know, maybe it was something bad. 

You know, so your brain always kind of goes to the worst to try to make yourself feel better about where your ad and then all of a sudden into the things that you've been doing start to work for you. Like your mind gets on the right chain, prosperity starts to come get some bigger numbers and I am. All of a sudden you're at a plateau and you're stopped. Fascinating thing is there's this wonderful little thing in our worlds called pity p, e t, t y now pretty but petty because when somebody gets more what they want, they're going to have to clean up their pettiness. A pettiness charter. There's headiness about how people make decisions and choices and pettiness with our spouses and friends and family, et Cetera, and on and on, and and people should recognize us for who we are. It becomes very insidiously petty and so fascinating is maybe we're unconsciously keeping ourselves lower and smaller. 

Then we really ought to or could, because of this innate underlying concept of pettiness inside food for thought for the day. Hey, if you're watching this anywhere other than Siobhan Moran Dot Com, go there a subscribe below. Share this please. Thank you for sharing. I so appreciate it because you never know whose life you're going to be able to change with one day and a concept. And, uh, if you want those six free videos with our energy techniques in order to get your and your body and grounded and into a clarity, go to free starter. This is Sheevaun Moran, driving for your success.



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