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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Oct 18, 2018

Hey Everyone Sheevaun here driving for your success and if you've been following me anywhere on social media lately, you'll know that I just spent a whole bunch of time in Africa on a safari at a private game reserve. And whoa, did it blow my mind even more so than I ever thought possible. Um, it's something I've wanted to do since I was a little girl and it just, I don't know, it just never lined up. So this time it lined up amazing group of entrepreneurs and on Richard Branson's private reserve and you know, getting to hang out, breakfast, lunch and dinner and going on safari with him and seeing how he sees that. But more importantly, you, ah, were on my mind because I looked at what was happening with the animals, the elephants, the giraffes, the leopards, the lions, all of these amazing animals, the hippos, the hawks, the, the, um, bald eagles. 


Holy Smoke. There's a different kind of bald eagles over there. So all of these animals are living their fullest potential. How do I know it? Because if they're not, then they're going to die. And so they live out their fullest potential day in and day out with what they've got, how they've got to get out there and hunt and thrive and continue to evolve and sustain their pride in Lyon terms or their herd and elephant terms. We were surrounded by a hundred elephants one day and it was just amazing. You could reach out and touch them and they really just wanted to communicate in their own way and to be themselves and to shift and grow and by grade, et cetera. But entrepreneurs are I think business owners. Maybe wherever you are in your level of success, whether you're successful, whether you're more successful, less successful, wherever you are in your journey, there's something that is super critical that you need to understand based upon what nature has given us. 


We humans have the greatest ability to use our free will to achieve something and most times we are actually using our free will to be bloody lazy. We're actually using our free will to be lazy about being something or doing something, taking action on something. We're being lazy and so many ways and really not fulfilling our true highest potential. Our school has those here to do something specific that is unique and just special for us and we've gotten emotionally lazy. We've gotten physically lazy, we've gotten mentally lazy. So our laziness is keeping us away from our most highest potential. So what is it that you need to take action on to get out of your laziness and really own that you are lazy because this may be a tough pill to swallow and maybe you're just busy being busy, but are you just being lazy in some way in your world? 


Because if you're on safari and you're out in the African Bush, uh, there is no lazy. There's no way to be lazy or else the animal will die there either chase get chased a, there are so many things like we had to be walked to and from our cabin to make sure that we weren't hunted and had, did not be lazy around that. So really think about where you're being lazy and thinking about how you're going to take this to your fullest and highest potential. Uh, I'm here, I'm here to get you out into your fullest, highest potential, no matter what level of success you're at, if you're just starting out or you're in a higher position in your world, let's not be so lazy that's really get out there and do this. Hey, if you're watching this anywhere other than SheevaunMoran.Com, go there and, uh, make sure you subscribe and get into the next layer of what's going to unfold for you. And let's get out of this laziness seriously out of it because we don't have a whole lot of time here and we really got to get doing what we're here to do. A subscribe below and if you feel like this is something that inspires you, please do share it. I would appreciate that. Thanks so much. Have a great day and get out there and make it happen.



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