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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

May 24, 2018

Hey everyone, Sheevaun Moran here driving for your success and you know, when I don't post video as regularly as I went to, I have so many ideas floating through my head about what I'm going to share with you, but this one in particular sticks to the top of my mind for today and it's about mountains, fire and ice and snow and sun and sand. And the really fascinating thing is I live in southern California. So in the winter oftentimes we can go skiing in the, in the morning and we can come back and be surfing. I don't surf but to buy the afternoon and that's pretty Dang cool. And I am so, so, so grateful that I live here. However, I went to on a little trip with a bunch of entrepreneurs and one of the excursions we all went on, it was a little up leveling excursion, was an adventure to the mountain where lava would come out and where we would do some special blessings for ourselves and next year and uh, for the earth and whatever it's going through. 

Whatever we can contribute back. Now. The fascinating thing is it was supposed to be super clear and you know, I mean it's Hawaii, so it was raining and then it started hailing and it was freezing cold like, you know, maybe like 32 degrees, freezing cold and we did the blessing out in the pouring rain all huddled together, you know, as a unit, which is really awesome when you think about it and you're in a mountain top in Hawaii doing a blessing in the snow. What a contradiction. Our lives are contradictions of mountains and molehills and snow and sand and sun and you know, we need to summit a lot of these mountains again and again and again, and it's the inner mountains, the things that we need to summit inside of ourselves so that we can achieve another level so that we can serve to a greater degree for the folks that we're here to serve. 


So what does your mountain, what is your Mole Hill? Are you making mountains out of mole hills and fire and ice do go together and fire is the thing that gets you fired up. And ice is the thing that cools you down and a little bit of both mean you end up on the beaches. And so I don't know. That's my thought for the day. Hope you get something from it. Mountains, molehills and magic. All right, subscribe below and if he has something to contribute to this and we'd like to give a comment, I would love to hear what your comments are. Please give a comment below if you're watching this anywhere other than on my website, go to ShavonneMoran. com, s h e e v a u n m o r a And if you want those six free videos, they're six free videos. There's no attachment, just register, just put your little name and email address in there. And here's the cool thing, there's no follow-up sequence, it's just my six most powerful and most given out videos all in one place and easy to access. And you go tor Hey, have an awesome day. Talk to you soon.




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