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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Nov 23, 2017

Hi. Sheevaun here, and I'm driving for your success, and today our topic is fear. Seems to be on everybody's lips when they question me over the past several weeks, and so fear. A lot of people describe fear as false evidence of an alternate reality. Now, my description of fear is face everything activate reality, okay? So fear is something that we get to create based upon something that we have perceived, and we often don't face it. We run and run and run and run and it gets bigger and bigger and bigger, and then it possesses us. The thing about fear energy, it's gripping. It's really gripping. You know, I'm gripped by fear, I think about that, okay, but that's what it looks like. It looks like it's gripping, so if you're in a state of fear, the first thing you need to do is go from your head up here to your heart. Put your hand to your heart, and what you do is you bring some of that nonsense, some of that monkey mind chatter crap, and you're bringing in your heart, and your heart will help transmute that.


It's not like it's going to solve the fear instantly, or else it might. It's possible. However, really give it the opportunity to cut the cord, cut the cord, cut the cord, and start asking some key questions as to, okay, what is it that might have caused this? Why do I have this? All right. How is it possible for me to let it go? Now I don't want you to answer the question. I don't really want you to get into a dialogue about it. I just want you to ask the question so that your brain starts to take a different route. What we're doing is we're rerouting the energy of the brain, and when you reroute the energy of the brain, and then you transmute it through the heart, then what happens is fear can dissipate.


Release the fear, and if you need a little bit better, more deep resounding tool, we have a couple of CDs that deal directly with fear, and will help you resolve those. One of those is called Tropical Transformation, and it's a download, you can have that right away. The other one is called Ultimate Peace and Relaxation, and it actually takes you through a sequence of how to gain inner peace and really get clear on the inside so that fear just goes away like a snap. This is Sheevaun here driving for your success. Hope you're having an awesome day, and make sure you check us out at and sign up for our newsletter there and there's a little book that you get with a lot more information about fear, et cetera. Look forward to seeing you and make sure you reach out and say hello. Put a little comment below and let me know that these are worthwhile doing. Have an awesome day.




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