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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

May 19, 2017

Hi Sheevaun Moran here.

I just got done with speaking at an event called Thrive. It got me thinking about why somebody might want to really come and, as I say, play with me at my event in Arizona. I'm driving home from Arizona, and I'm going to post a little bit of sequences videos of my trip, at least my drive. My favorite thing to do in the spring is to drive from California to Arizona.

A couple of bullet points that really just stick out for me when I am sharing and speaking; and what I'm going to be doing this I am success now event. I'm going to be spending this two and a half days really teaching you how to get unstuck, unlocked, unbound, unwound and unleashed in all of the things that hold you back, that are patterns, programs, attitudes, beliefs, energies, situations that really have you stuck. That my magic. What I do is really get people unstuck.

The tools that I use and have been using for the past 15 years myself and with clients are profoundly effective. You know, I want you guys to really really get so much from this and understand that there's a new way of being, doing and having on the planet. That's a collaboration and if you collaborate, then you win.

That's why I've invited some friends to come with me and play and really take each of those people content, and it is content and education guys. It's not about a pitchfest. It is content and education to get you understanding what's happening in the real world of your business; of Oh My God, this freaks me out, now what do I do.

When I have the energetic tool that I'm going to teach you in that moment in that room with you and many other folks so that you can have that real life experience and know what to do on the spot. It's amazing. It has been an amazing journey for me for the past 15 years and me having helped all of these other folks. Now collaboration is fun and collaboration is the way to go so let's collaborate in this room and really really rock your business so you have so much clarity, so much simplicity and profits just show up at your doorstep without really having to think about it.

The event is called Epic Life Success Summit. If you haven't heard about it and you know , I've been to a lot of events, and the reason I'm putting this one on in this way is because it used to all just be me for 3 days. I love the stuff I do, however what I discovered is I would love to have somebody open up in the room. All my folks opened up in the room in a new way and really have those tools to walk away with. It's I Am Success NOW. Go to and get in before we don't have any seats left.

We have a lot of seats sold. I know that they are going to go fast as soon as we announce the other 2 speakers that we have coming. They are friends of mine.

So, see you soon, - I'll be back in California in a couple of hours.


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