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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Oct 21, 2021

Hey, everyone, Sheevaun here Driving For Your Success. I took a little trip recently and it was, I was around a lot of pretty cool entrepreneurs, but one of the things that were really clear to me, because many of them were just starting out is that they didn't understand if they were going towards success or moving away from fear of failure. So that was pretty interesting because the really interesting thing about that is most times what you're running away from is something that you cannot stand. And in order to find your customer and be really good at marketing to your customer and selling to your customer, you actually have to go toward what they're doing, know that type of person and the danger that most start starters have is. And even people who've been doing it and really get into their own speak and kind of forget their origination story is who has that one tiny little need. 


Who's that one person who's that one type of person that there are many of them, for sure. Cause there's a lot of people on the planet, but who's that one type of person that you really want to get this product or program in the hands of, for the transformation, physical or mental or emotional, spiritual, relational, financial, um, that's super important. So go toward your and goal, go toward what it is that your customer wants. All right. So this is Sheevaun Moran, go to for more information. Check out because that actually helps teach you to go towards, all of the things that you want. The prosperity and the client type, and even, you know, sales conversation. Hey, I hope you like this. And you know, if you do subscribe and share and do all those really cool things, so you get me more inspired to share more. All right. Have an awesome day.


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