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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Mar 11, 2021

Hey everyone, Sheevaun here. This is like the third take I've given on this topic. So it must be super important for you. All today's topic is about on common success. And the principle of uncommon is pretty foreign to most folks because we want to be comfortable. We want it to be like the Joneses and we want to be accepted and loved and liked for how people see us. And that's not uncommon. That is actually fairly common. And the trick with all of that is that to be uncommon, you have to be willing to step outside of your desire to be loved and love and like everyone else. And so what is your on commonness that you have been hiding in plain sight? What is your, what is your way of being uncommon? That seems to be rubbing against others? One of the ways that I tend to be uncommon is when I go and interact with folks at the post office, or I go and interact with folks at, um, gosh, anywhere is to really find a way for them to have something beneficial comes from our interaction. 


Even if they have no clue or concept that it's coming because of my intention or my engagement or my words with them. And I know that's uncommon because I've taught people that for years and years to really find a way in, in something that is unique and beautiful unkind while being very direct and wonderful about being yourself. And that's tricky because generally we want to cut people out because they're different because they're being grumpy because, because, because, and the uncommon thing is to find a way in and through. So what does uncommon success mean for you? So main for me is I focus on how businesses and individuals and small businesses and startups and people who have ideas that want to get their ideas out there and monetize, uh, how the energy being set in properly first is going to set that business or person up for failure. 


It's actually going to create failure before it creates success. And I teach these principles. I've been teaching these principles for years. These principles are the foundation of every successful business, whether they know how to articulate it or tap into those concepts or not. And I show you that in all of the teachings and audios and blog posts, and you do videos, et cetera, that I do and share. And so energy is always first and then mind. And that's an uncommon thought, and that's not where most people focused. People tend to focus. People on transformation, tend to focus on mine. It's all about your mind, your psychology and your unconscious. And it is about those. Once you get your energy sorted out because the miracles that occur for your life and your world come from the energy so long as it sorted out in the proper way. 


So a couple things to note for uncommon success, where are you in uncommon thoughts? Where are you having uncommon thoughts, meaning thoughts that are not like others that you can articulate and get out there. Where are you having a reeling to, um, bark on uncommon plants take action on uncommon plans that you may have had rather than being like everybody else. And where are you in need of uncommon discipline, uncommon discipline means. And you see this in lots of memes of, billionaires and so on. And so forth is, is, is what discipline they have or have had in order to get to where they are. What discipline do you need to be uncommon with for yourself, so that you can get uncommon results. Interesting. And where do you need to have on common partnerships? Generally, what most people tend to do is stay away from being in partnership. 


And it's really doing a disservice to yourself and your business and the people that you serve to stay out of partnership. Partnership is one of the greatest opportunities to thrive at a higher and greater and more effective level when you get into partnership rather than, rather than finding that the person who wants to be in partnership with you is, is looking for something and willing and wanting to take something from you and, and, and, you know, in it for themselves, look for where you can be in uncommon partnerships. Those are the benefits of uncommon success. So where can you Uplevel in your uncommon this, and post that below and be uncommon and subscribe and share this with those in your life. My name is Sheevaun Moran and you can find out about all kinds of things. Common things I say at Or if you want to find a way to get to who you are on commonness and go through our toolkit, go to Hey, peace out. See you soon.