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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Apr 16, 2020

Hey, Sheevaun Moran here, driving for your success and I'm actually not in my car this time, so thanks for being here and thanks for playing along. So if you ever been in a circumstance when you feel kind of slumpy and things just kind of are just like humming along, kind of good, kind of OK, but you really need to take that next step. So as you know, I deal with energetics and solutions around energetics and we do a lot of things to get somebody out of their energetic slump, but I was in one of those one time and I was resisting going to an event and the funny thing is my assistant signed me up for this event and I ended up going and it really gave me a lot of clarity on what my next steps were. So my next steps are take the mirror glasses off, reveal who you are, show up and shine and really come to the place where you know that your heart is singing in your tribe is meant to be. 

The first challenge that you're going to face is you're going to be, I don't have enough time, I don't have enough money. I can't, I can't find the help. I can find the solution. I the candidate, can I call them the options and possibilities, and so somewhere below are going to be, is going to be a length where some cool stuff is, and I would love for you to go check it out. That's it. Look inside your heart or find a place where you're ready to gather the ones in the slum. And, uh, let's take that next step inside your heart, outside of your mind, and into your connection. Hey, this is Sheevaun Moran, driving for your tasks. Have an awesome day.



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