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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Aug 8, 2019

Hi, Sheevaun here, and I'm driving for your success. Today's topic is panic. Panic, panic. Yeah, even saying the word gets your adrenaline going. How many of you guys fall into that trap of waiting to the last possible second and then you have to absolutely do it. What you've done is you've created a situation of adrenaline and panic. Adrenaline and panic used regularly actually creates a problem in the physiology, in the body, and it also creates a problem in the business. When you get in a consistent cycle of needing to have panic in order to take action, then what you're doing is you're trying to gather everybody else's energy around you and suck the life force out of them in order to get things rolling.


Now, you really want to go from this, it's really like a lot of like this, to this. Actually, this is the kind of energy that your business thrives upon because then it becomes an upward trending cycle. Not so many humongous dips and humongous peaks. The objective is to really focus in on what is making you panic. Go back at the course learned some of the other techniques in the videos, but panic, it's a problem, and it's creating a problem in your body. When you're going to stop it? What about now. Have an awesome day. Go to a and subscribe, or subscribe below to our YouTube channel. Have an awesome day.




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