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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Apr 18, 2019

Everyone Sheevaun here, Driving for Your Success and today's topic, this evening's topic is about data dumping, what the heck is data dumping? So you have a lot of stuff in your brain, you accumulate a lot of thoughts and ideas, you accumulate worry, you accumulate concern, you accumulate conversations, and this brain of ours gets really full and we don't really consider that we need to do a data dump. We don't really consider that. Maybe we need a reset. Our computers need to shut down or reset every once in a while. Maybe we have too many tabs open and our browser and the browser crashes. Well, the brain has a slightly different mechanism, but it does need a data dump. One of the ways it gets a data dump is through sleep. That's cool. But oftentimes you're still processing and your sleep. So there are a couple of ways to get a data dump. 


One is to write things out in a journal. That's not my way, but I do recommend that to a lot of folks. Uh, another is through meditation. Now there's the side benefit of meditation. And then there's a side challenge with meditation. Meditation can become a problem unless you do the right kind of meditation and the right kind of way, and if you're meditating on the problem, which is worry, fear, anxiety, tension, stress, what I call the “uhnns”, that's meditating on the problem. So meditation in the right direction is your opportunity, meaning meditate on the solution and maybe meditate to heal your body and heal the world is one of your meditations. We have 12 on my And the fact of the matter is, unless you data dump this regularly, let's say every day, then what happens is it becomes cyclical and then you end up worrying yourself into sickness. 


Interesting, right? So what are you going to do with your data? You're gonna store it off site. You're going to let go. We have a system we use, internally that allows us to communicate that is not email, that is very clean and formulaic and it's really elegant. And so what elegant data dump can you do? A massage is good, but it isn't the data dump. Going to the spa is good, but it isn't the data dump. Going on vacation is good, but it still isn't the data dump. So go to and there's a thing in there called Cut the Cord and that's a data dump and really, truly do give yourself permission to wind down before you go to bed. Take a bath, take a shower, turn those ions, turned all of those negative ions and do something a little bit more uplifting for yourself. Until next time, this is Sheevaun Moran Driving for Your Success and you can find me at If you're watching this anywhere else other than, go there and visit, grab a download or two. And hey, have an awesome day! If you feel like sharing this with somebody make sure to hit share and subscribe below and I appreciate you SO very, very much. Have an awesome day. Ciao.



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