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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Apr 11, 2019

Sheevaun Moran Driving for Your Success, and this time I have a human behind the camera, so you might see some different angles. Today's topic, you know, there's this really fascinating thing called finishing strong and most people quit right before the finish line, right before they get the prize. And they get bright, shiny, go off and try something else right before it gets good. So the fascinating thing with finishing strong is avoid one little tiny temptation, just one tiny temptation, so that you can get at least closer than ever to that finish line. Maybe you don't have to get all the way there, but my recommendation, in this holiday season, is take 10 more steps. Do 10 more things that are completely out of the ordinary and finished strong. Got it? Hey, if you're watching this anywhere other than on my website, go to And there's this really cool thing that you do if you find this interesting, you subscribe below and if you find it super interesting, you want to be the hero for the day, then you share it. All right? Big Hugs. Talk soon.


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