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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Sep 27, 2018

Hey everyone Sheevaun here driving for your success and today's topic is brought to you by a partner and one of my other businesses because he has been doing something that got him in a funk and maybe this is you. Maybe you're having this happen in your world and your life, and so you get into doing what you're here to do. Maybe you are doing what you're here to do. Maybe you're actually on that path and things are going good or you're stuck or you're somewhere on the path of doing what you're here to do or you're working on that next step of getting to do what you're here to do, right? Um, but along that journey is something that is super critical to remember and it is the most important thing beyond and beyond breathing, uh, that is going to help you have more ease. And I get it. 

It's going to sound. Trade is going to sound small. It's going to sound ridiculous. It's going to sound like, oh, that's silly. That's ridiculous. Well, the fact of the matter is there's this one thing that we have to tap into within ourselves, within our DNA, within our, within our core, youthful selves, and that's to not take things so seriously because when you're serious, your vision goes from the outside and you get super myopic and then you start to try to solve the problem with your head and meditation's Nice, but it actually gets you to cycle into having more of the same problem. It doesn't teach you how to get into the solution. So yes, it's going to get you calmer and breathing and that's great, but then you're still going to go back to being serious. So the fact of the matter is, what is so serious? 

Are you gonna get in trouble? Usually your head is saying something like, we're going to get in trouble, or we're playing a tape in our brain somewhere of somebody that has done something or said something that we're still responding to, even though we're off doing our own thing. So you know, maybe you're trying to be a model mom. Maybe you're trying to be a model dad. Maybe you're trying to be a model perfect business person. Maybe you know you're trying to trying so hard that you're so serious and you can't see that the opportunities are right in front of you and as soon as you. Yeah, let go, but lighten up, right? Laugh a little. So this is really cool thing that we have a. I'll drop the, I'll drop the video, link the Youtube link in the comments below a about laughter yoga. And the fascinating thing is we don't laugh enough. 

We just don't. There's so many serious shows and movies and it's such intense world. Do we bring that to our work? And we actually get smaller and smaller and smaller and that's called the law of diminishing returns. And the law of diminishing returns doesn't work well with the law of compensation, which is increasing abundance and returns. So go have a laugh, go find a movie. Go take something that is a joyful to you, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. And it's one of my spiritual teachers used to say, we'd say a nun and a Nanda is joy. Okay? Enjoy that for the day and a laugh, a little, love, a little hug a little and do something good out there for the planet. This is Sheevaun. If you're anywhere other than on my website, go to SheevaunMoran Dot Com and, uh, let me know what you're thinking about all of this and subscribed. Please subscribe and please share thinking. Thank you. Talk soon.

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