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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Aug 2, 2018

Hey, everyone. Sheevaun here, and I want to tell you a little story about this woman that I met at the sundry store at the airport. This little Oriental woman, and I'm buying some water, and she says, "Would you like some gum? You might need some gum. Would you like some chips. You might need some chips." She just kept going on and on.

I said, "Wow. You're a really good saleswoman."

She says, "Oh, we have to."

And I said, "You have to."

She says, "Well, you know I like my job, and I like what I do." Then she starts telling me her story about money. She starts telling me the different things that she has going on in her life and the different income sources that she has, and that she's got it all worked out. It's really all about that next thing, and what she was going to do to be able to make her retirement the exact way that she wanted. She only works ten hours a week at the sundry store, and she is super happy.

Really think about your own life and where you're putting limits on as to happiness and income and maybe not offering someone another solution to a program that you already have or that you have in your head, and you haven't even fleshed out to get out into the world so somebody can get a transformation. Remember, all it takes is one person that needs a transformation in order for you to have achieved many milestones in your journey and your soul and your joy factor.

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