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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Jul 26, 2018

Everyone, Sheevaun Moran here, driving for your success.

You know, we attend networking events, we go to parties, we hang out with friends, we go to learning events. Some people even go to school to get more educated around their business and growth and transformation. We're around all these gatherings of folks. There's almost like a hangover, an event hangover that you could say that you succumb to. The fascinating thing is, you don't have to. You don't have to succumb to an event hangover. Really, it's about your energetics.

The reason I know this is because when I was in corporate and I got sick and misdiagnosed and I nearly died, and then ended up in the emergency room, and then I healed myself, the fascinating thing was I discovered that I'd been doing this thing called recovering, which is effectively dealing with event hangovers, of handling all of the energetics, all of the chaotic and the intense and the gotta-gottas, chaotics, and the lists and the needs and the ... all that stuff around events.

What is your system for dealing with an event hangover? Hopefully you're gonna learn a new one here. One of mine is I come back home and I take salt baths, I get grounded, I do some good physical activity. I drink a ton of water, because I can tell you that when you're at events you definitely don't-if you hydrate yourself during the rest of the week and when you're out in your day-in and day-out life at home, I guarantee you that you're dehydrated in minutes, because you're just definitely not drinking as much. Or maybe you've got the alcohol thing going on. You probably want to hydrate more than usual. You want to get back into your ritual the day you return. Not a couple days later, because that is a surefire way surely - excuse me, talk about live - to really stop and not get back to your routine, your ritual.

The fascinating thing I'd like to invite you to do is to jump back into your routine. After you've had a whole bunch of hydration, you've gotten a whole bunch of good food in your system, you've done some good physical activities, I go to the beach. That's where I'm heading right now, and I go and take a long walk at the beach, and really am in my zone. I do everything I can to isolate all of my immediate needs. The things are cut the cords, hydrate, drink some good water, really reconnect. Maybe even take a couple of naps throughout the day. There's nothing with this. It's just about your to-do list and the gotta-gottas. Event hangovers occur, and you can actually minimize them or compress them to a couple of hours. Get a good night's sleep. Really, really find a person who's going to work on your physical body. I get a massage when I return, sometimes even go to my float spa tank, my friend who has a float spa therapy and system.

What is your after-event ritual? I think this is a really important topic, because oftentimes you end up running your body down and getting sick, and then having to spend a whole bunch of time recovering, and then your business is taking another hit, and it's not getting back into flow as quickly as you can.

Sheevaun Moran, driving for your success. Let's have it easier on you today. I'd love that for you, because the more we're in alignment with our business, the more we're in alignment with our energy, the more we're doing exactly what we need to do.

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