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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

May 31, 2018

Everyone, Sheevaun Moran here driving for your success and we have just completed concluded our epic life success summit. I'm a week away and the cool part about that is some of the most engaging conversations I've been doing these conferences for years and you know, have to say the folks in attendance were the most receptive, they were the most engaged and they were the most heart-centered in order to getting into their Mojo and money and mission and message and really making sure that everything magically lines up. So I love the questions. We're gonna release a few snippets of the, uh, of the training over the next coming weeks. However, I think one of the most important pieces that I can share with you here in this series as we close out the year is don't back down. Don't back down around your numbers, don't back down around your dream and really, really acknowledge your inner safety. 


There are a lot of reasons that you're not taking action, that you're not knowing how to take action, that you're pretending not to know something. And often it's because we don't feel safe and you know, whatever. Whatever's happening on the planet or in your neck of the woods, there is an inner safety that you can hold onto this going to keep you out of you know, harms way. Not that you're going to have a perfect life, but really that you can have a life that has more ease and more opportunity and you're really listening to your heart rather than you know, ruminating and trying to figure things out from your head. Your heart has some magical things, and I don't just mean this heart, this heart Chakra, I mean this heart cause you have two of them and you have a, a way of those connecting that really bypasses the head stuff. 


So that's my message for you today. You know, know that you're safe. Stay in your internal safe zone. It doesn't mean protect and close up so that nobody can get in. It's really just have an inner mechanism and an inner truth that you're safe no matter what and you will be amazed at how many good things will come your way. Hey, this is Sheevaun Moran driving for your success and can't wait to share another tool or tip with you. Awesome. Have a great day, and hey, if you're watching this anywhere other than my website, go to Chavon Miranda. Please comment below and if you want those six free videos I talk about that are really all of our key videos that we give to all of our ceos and leaders and people who step into our tribe in a deeper way. Go to free There is no obligation other than your name and your email address and those six free videos are right there for you. You can actually start using them immediately and you're not in an autoresponder sequence after you just get the six videos and it's really just our way of tracking to see if we're doing our job. So, Hey, have an awesome day. I'm driving for your success and can't wait to hear more. Talk soon.



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