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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

May 10, 2018

Hey everyone, Sheevaun Moran here, driving for your success. I think today is a really good day to talk about aging. It's an interesting topic and I've heard so many people over the past two weeks say things like, "You know what? At my age, I really need to be looking for this safe solution," and "At my age, I really have to be super careful about what I'm doing in my life and in my business," and the really fascinating thing is that our cells start to die as we age because we actually start to take a descending spiral perception and mindset toward what we can and cannot do based upon age.

My mother was a great teacher for this, in that she decided she was only ever as old as decided she wanted to be. Meaning, she decided she was not going to act her age. The fascinating thing with age is it is a mindset, and energy follows your attention, your intention, and it follows your thoughts. So, if you're thinking that you're too old for x, x, or x, you will be too old for this. If you're thinking that maybe you can't because you're ... like I heard some people talking about another career. They're going to have to go give up their entrepreneurial venture and go for another career and get a job, and you know what? I challenge you. I challenge you to say, "You know what? Maybe my age is not going to inhibit me. Maybe it's all in here and I can control the way I feel, the way I interact, and the way my age affects me."

You do need to take care of yourself, and the more you take care of yourself and the more you stay in action, the more you're able to achieve even that next level of success at the age that you are, whether you're 25, 55, or 85. There's this one story I have from a client, many years ago, and he came in and he filled out his form and we were talking about what he was doing in his life and his business, and he had a little bit of a limp, and I said, "What are we working on?" He says, "Well, I'm not real sure, but my friends say that you're going to help me really get back on track."

I started asking him questions and the things that he said that were so profound is ... He was 85 years old, he was starting another business, and he decided that every time he took a step was his opportunity to really say something positive about his health, about his mind, and about his wealth. I said, "How long have you been doing that?" He says, "Well, since I was about 24, whenever I was in the service and I had a little injury and that was my way of recovering." This was a very successful man, so really, it never matters what your age is, unless you decide it matters what your age is. So, be the age you want, have an awesome day. Subscribe below, share this with your friends, your family, your loved ones, and until I see you next time, go to

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