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Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran

Apr 5, 2018

Hey, Sheevaun Moran here, and I'm Driving for Your Success, but, really, I flew to Austin to hang with some friends and do some really cool things. This morning, I got to wake up with all of these amazing animals at my back door. What does this have to do with health and wealth and life and success?

The challenge that every one of us have as entrepreneurs, leaders, somebody in a job is our energy gets totally sucked in and we totally, totally shrink and shrink and shrink and shrink and shrink until we have to break free. Then we got through this cycle of doing it again and again and again. It's really not about balance, it's about creating equilibrium. What occurs is you have opportunities like this that you remember or bring in to your life in moments when you're shrinking. It's not 'either-or', it's an 'and'. What's your 'and'?

Tell me what your 'and' is below. Go to, say hi, share this, send this to your family or friends, your loved ones, and really remember that your health is your wealth. The more you take your health into consideration every moment of every breath, the more healthy and wealthy you will be instantly. Again, subscribe below, say hi. We'll see you soon, Driving for Your Success.


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